Common mistakes when building a house


In order for your dream house, to not turn into a horror house, you have to take into account many aspects and prerequisites. Here are six most common mistakes made by customers for the construction of their houses that are put together by specialists from "".



Wrong specialists


The architect of high qualification is as important as for a doctor or a lawyer. To get a license, they are studying for years, take exams and start to work as apprentices. Architects have the most qualified professionals who can plan your dream house. By hiring inexperienced architect with low qualification, you run the risk that the result will not be as expected and required.



Do everything on your own


Although the decision to build on their own without hiring experienced professionals might initially seem like a very good idea as it can save you some money. That might end up causing dramatic consequences. Experienced architects and builders that are active in the industry for years have much better knowledge about the best and most viable materials, which builders and craftsmen services are better choice, but who should not be trusted. Although hiring an experienced foreman adds additional costs, at the end it will save time, money and unnecessary headaches.


Changing already approved project


Any changes that we want to implement in the project after it has already been certified by engineer can completely ruin the project and create a domino effect of problems. For example, changing the position of the front door sounds simple, but it will result in time consuming process where  Construction engineer will make changes accordingly, that also means additional costs.


During a meeting with the architect, make sure that new home plan covers all your expectations and needs - in indoor areas and in terms of layout. Do not start building until you are completely sure about the prepared plans.


Incorrect economy


Even if the budget is very limited, it is wrong to save on building materials. Do not buy the cheapest bricks, roof tiles and windows simply because you want to save money to buy wonderful Swedish designer kitchen table. When you are searching for the builders’ brigade on your own, do not try at all costs to find the cheapest workers. Although highly qualified professionals require higher pay, the result will be much more valuable and long lasting.


Chairs in the morning, the money in the evening!


Another common mistake is to pay an excessive advance. If you do not trust builders that do not start work before receiving full payment in advance, you should not trust them. Agree as work deadlines and pay in installments - each after a certain period.


Unreal budgeting


Living beyond our means seems like one of the major contemporary problems. Whether you are planning a holiday trip or huge wedding ceremony, you have to save up some financial resources for unforeseen expenditure. The same rule also applies to the construction of a new home. When planning a budget create it as detailed as possible. Note also the experience of others, ask your friends and acquaintances about the planning and construction of the house and do not miss any significant detail.



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