Healthy house - correctly built wood - frame house

The main conditions for healthy housing are suitable thermal insulation, proper ventilation and dry constructions. Correctly installed thermal insulation combined with wind insulation protects from drafts and cold spots in structure of the house.

Several studies (Tampere University of Technology (Tampere University of Technology) 1996 report and the Finnish VTT Technical Research Centre study on the effect of moisture on wooden structures) have helped to strengthen the view that the structure with a moisture barrier can keep the insulation dry and this in turn improves the insulation resistance. This is because the moisture barrier prevents moisture movement through the structure. For moisture barrier design to operate properly, you must fit the thermal insulation in the warm (inner) side. Devious is believed that construction without moisture barrier can significantly improve indoor air quality. For example, according to VTT and Tampere University research, it only leads to moisture accumulation in inner structures. Designing and constructing buildings, attention should be paid to moisture coming from the building, and to prevent any moisture from the outside.


Moisture in the structures of the house may reduce their service life, cause excessive energy consumption and poor quality of indoor air.

To keep indoor air clean and fresh, buildings ventilation should be sufficient, such that ensures air change without unnecessary energy consumption. These requirements are the most appropriate motor fans and design that meet the basic principles of ventilation.

It can be said that the building "breathes" with its ventilation system. Uncontrolled air leakage through the structures must be removed at the stage of design and construction.


1.Incorrectly insulated building.

Air moves out of the room thanks to the temperature difference. Because of low pressure created by heating, the air that is in the house escapes through the wall construction. This is causing a feeling of cold air flow indoors.





2.Correctly insulated building.

Insulated house with no cold air flows. It is important to choose the right ventilation system.








3.Correctly insulated building with proper ventilation

Organized a mechanical ventilation system and properly designed structure of the house guarantees a clean, pleasant indoor air. 
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