This part is very important for further actions. When there is a precisely planed design the manufacturing and construction is done perfectly.


Material Preparation

We use the highest quality materials from certified suppliers whose products meet all EU requirements and are CE marked.


Frame production

When necessary elements are cut, the panel frame can be made according to manufacturing drawings. 



Prepared panels are filled with insulation.




When all pre-fabricated elements (panels, windows, doors etc) are ready, they are loaded on a truck and delivered to the construction site where the new house is going to be built. It is essential to do detailed loading scheme/plan in order to use most of the truck’s capacity (potentially usable volume).  Our logistic and production specialists have developed a special manufacturing / logistics scheme, which is used while manufacturing panels. This scheme provides a special sequence in which panels are manufactured, so that the loading order is according to construction process.All necessary security measures are observed to promote the success of transportation.





Once the panels are delivered to the site, where the foundation is already cast, they are unloaded from truck and assembled together forming the structure. This process is similar to the Lego (construction game), all pre-fabricated elements are assembled in correct way and single family homes, on average, are assembled within 1-3 days (it depends on the domestic residential areas and architectural design of the structure).




External and internal works

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 VIDEO: HUS-LV Assembling in 3 days