Cooperation Opportunity


The timber frame house manufacturer and construction company HUS.LV ECO HOUSES welcomes energetic individuals and modern companies to form partnership. You could do business with us and be our trading agent or exclusive dealer in Europe or anywhere else  in the world !



Partnership solutions for trading agents


Should you choose to become our trading agent, it means that you agree to carry out an array of functions with regards to the sale of our products. One can become a trading agent either as an individual or a corporate party.


In order to form a partnership, first of all we will agree on your functions that you wish and can carry out, as well as on remuneration that you would like to receive. A Trading Agent Partnership Contract constitutes specific territory, within which the representative has a right to carry out relevant business transactions in accordance with a permission, which is issued by HUS.LV ECO HOUSES.


The main functions of a trading agent is as follows: negotiations with potential customers, compilation of offer , contract conclusion regarding the timber frame house plan development, employment contract conclusion, provision of technical information to customers, submission of adverts to media, non-disclosure of commercial secrets, preparation of reports and submission of such reports to the board of the company.


The agent is bound by HUS.LV ECO HOUSES price policy.


Partnership Solutions for dealers


Only legal entities that are registered in the relevant country are eligible to become the official distributors or exclusive dealers of our products. The dealer partnership agreement constitutes that the dealer purchases the prefabricated timber frame house and the construction technology from us and then sells it on within the territory of the relevant country. During the term of partnership, the dealer uses his financial anadministrative resources to sell products under  our brand.


Partners will be awarded with a discount subject to amount of purchase. The official distributor will be supplied with all the relevant information regarding the materials, which are required to carry out the relevant business transactions. The dealer is expected to organize advertisement campaigns on its own expense as well as other trading procedures in order to facilitate the sales.


The distributor is responsible for any negotiations with its potential customers and is solely responsible for any contracts concluded in its name. Meanwhile the dealer is forbidden to act in any way that would affect the image of the manufacturer as well as its brand.


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