Advantages of HUS.LV ECO HOUSES produced houses


• Latvia is a very suitable place for the manufacturing of wooden houses.



• Latvia has the second highest proportion of renewable energy in total consumption following Sweden (Eurostat reports). Forest area (% of land area) in Latvia 53.9 %.



• The traditions of Latvian wood construction are centuries old. One of the oldest preserved houses in Latvia is approximately 400 years old and can be seen at the Ethnographic Open Air Museum.


The oldest wooden house in Kurzeme - built in 1670.


• An excellent price to quality ratio. We use the highest quality (certified) raw materials. The manufacturing plant  is equipped with manufacturing devices, and the companies offer competitive prices.


• Highly qualified and experienced experts, who have been involved in wooden construction and implemented projects throughout Europe for several years, participate in the manufacturing and assembly of houses.


• Manufacturing of houses is always performed in covered manufacturing premises, which ensures high durability of houses against weather conditions and other external factors.
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