Preparation of materials


In house manufacturing we are using the highest quality materials from certified suppliers whose products meet all EU requirements and are CE certified.


In Building constructions we are using only timber that is marked with "FSC" - responsible forest management sign.





Frame manufacturing


In the production we are following German technology and apply a great amount of accuracy and precision. Equipment used provides good quality and work efficiency. Each element used is one hundred percent appropriate size to fit panels. We also use 3-times quality control.


After preparation of elements panel framework is formed, using constructive drawings. This process is carried out with an exceptional precision.




Insulation and creation of inner layers


Prepared panels are filled with thermal insulation and necessary internal layers.





After production of the panels, they are loaded into transport vehicles in the way that they use all potentially useable volume. Our logistics and production specialists have developed a special loading scheme by which the panels are loaded, so that the unloading process would take less time and be able to provide panel assembly on the site directly from the transport vehicle. 




Assembly on site


When the panels are delivered to the site where the foundation is already in place, they are unloaded from the truck and so assembly process begins. This process is similar to the assembling of "Lego" blocks. One family house is assembled on average in 1-3 days, time depends on the living space and design complexity level of each house.





The longest part of the project is the internal and external decoration, communication and heating installation. 

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